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Bloomingdale JB100 motorized 10’10 Jetboard surfboard (1960s) The JB100 Jetboard was originally conceived by Alfred Bloomingdale, heir to the Bloomingdale Department Store fortune. Alfred loved to surf but didn’t care for all the paddling involved. The Jetboard was his solution. The prototype was made of wood but it didn’t hold up well…(Read More)

Dale Velzy personal redwood hotcurl surfboard (1950s) Featuring the finless hotcurl shape design invented by big wave pioneer, John Kelly (1919-2010). The late Dale Velzy (1927-2005) acquired this redwood surfboard sometime in the 1950s, in rough condition. He cut it down to clear any rot, re-shaped and then glassed it to be…(Read More)

Tom Blake ‘Kookbox’ wood 13’2 surfboard (1930s replica) Featuring wooden panels joined by metallic fasteners with daffodil yellow outline. Patented interior ribbed construction, designed like the wing of an airplane. 13’2 length. This revolutionary method of surfboard building was invented by Tom Blake in the early 1930s. The design allowed for drastic weight…(Read More)