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Gerry Lopez shaped camo 7’0 thruster surfboard (late 1980’s) Featuring the iconic camouflage airbrush pattern which Gerry Lopez surfboards were known by in the 1980s-90s. Glassed on thruster fin setup. Signed “GL” on the foam, shaped by Gerry Lopez in the late 1980’s. All original condition. Read more about this surfboard…(Read More)

Hap Jacobs 6’8 single fin surfboard (early 1970s) Featuring a light blue arrowhead design on nose with matching blue rails/bottom/pinstriped outline complete with gorgeous glassed on single fin. 6’8 diamond tail. All original condition. A beautiful example of an early shortboard shaped under the iconic Jacobs Surfboards label founded by the…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt Gerry Lopez model 7’2 surfboard (early 1970s) Featuring a beautiful orange tint with diamond tail shape and pinstriped outline. A unique Gerry Lopez model due to the longer length and wide lightning bolt jag design, a hallmark of the earliest Lightning Bolt label surfboards. Shaped in the early-mid 1970s. 7’2…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt Gerry Lopez model 6’7 surfboard (mid 1970s) Featuring a classic sting shape design with beautiful yellow tint and unique lightning bolt jag variation. Shaped in the mid 1970s by the late Terry Martin (1937-2012). Gerry Lopez model 6’7 swallow tail. Ride or display this prized 1970s Gerry Lopez model surfboard…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt surfboard shaped by Tom Parrish (mid 1970s) Featuring a bright yellow tint with unique black lightning bolt arrowhead design. Pinstriped outline with red glassed on single fin. 6’6 winged round pintail. Recent auction results for Lightning Bolts shaped by Tom Parrish include a 2022 sale in the amount of $8,000 and…(Read More)

Local Motion 5’10 surfboard by Pat Rawson (mid 1980s) Featuring an incredible retro 80s checkerboard airbrush fade. Shaped by Pat Rawson in the mid 1980s. 5’10 squash tail thruster. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert with over 40 years of experience. Ride or display this classic 80s Local Motion Hawaii surfboard! Read…(Read More)

MTB “Surfing Monkey” 6’8 surfboard artwork by Phil Roberts (1980) Featuring a mural work of art depicting surfing monkey with a Budweiser beer by the legendary artist, Phil Roberts. Done in Robert’s signature style, signed “Phil Roberts 7/80”. Made while Roberts was on summer break from art school in July of 1980…(Read More)

Reno Hawaii quad-fin shortboard by Reno Abellira (2007) Featuring Basquiat-esque acid splash work of art with yellow bottom/wrapped rails and box quad fin setup. Shaped in 2007 by Reno Abellira. All original condition. Read more about this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Makua Rothman personal 6’10 surfboard by JS Industries (circa 2015) Featuring neon airbrush design of the Hawaiian Kanaka Maoli symbol consisting of a Kahili (symbol of the Ali’i—Hawaiian royalty) and two paddles. Makuakai Rothman is one of the most accomplished Hawaiians in and out of the water today. Famous musician, professional surfer…(Read More)

“Aloha Friday” surfboard artwork by Julie Sobolewski Hawaiian style stained glass mosaic work of art featuring hula girl swaying with the motion of her grass skirt, flowing hair and glistening blue ocean currents. “Aloha Friday” surfboard art piece by Julie Sobolewski. Made with real seashells accenting her hula skirt band and the sandy beach. Tiny…(Read More)

“Big Birds” surfboard art 6’0 by Julie Sobolewski Featuring specialty hand cut stained glass adhered to a recycled surfboard and grouted, ready to display! “Big Birds” reclaimed surfboard art piece by Julie Sobolewski. 6’0 squash tail. Multiple colors of green include iridescent glass to shine against the vivid blue of these large Birds…(Read More)

“Margarita on the Rocks” surfboard art by Julie Sobolewski Featuring a gorgeous mosaic stained glass work of art depicting a mermaid daydreaming on the rocks overlooking a beautiful blue ocean. “Margarita on the Rocks” surfboard art piece by Julie Sobolewski. The mermaid wears an intricate flower lei in her hair, complimentary hibiscus flowers on the…(Read More)

“Silver Strand” surfboard artwork by Julie Sobolewski Featuring a beautiful stained glass mosaic work of art. Rich with color, texture and vibrancy. “Silver Strand” surfboard art piece by Julie Sobolewski. Hibiscus flowers and birds of paradise line the iridescent sandy path to a shimmering ocean. Carefully selected specialty glass adhered to a reclaimed surfboard. 6…(Read More)