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Bruce Irons personal Pipeline 7’2 surfboard by Tokoro (early 2000s)  Featuring a classic Pipeline shape design made specifically for riding big barrels at Banzai Pipeline. Shaped by Wade Tokoro in the early 2000s. 7’2 pintail. Bruce Irons is best known for his fearless barrel riding abilities and lofty aerial maneuvers. Irons was the…(Read More)

Buzzy Trent model 1964 Pipeliner 11’0 by Dick Brewer Surfboard model of revered pioneer of big wave surfing, Buzzy Trent (1929-2006). Signed #4/50 though only 10 were made before Buzzy Trent passed away in 2006. Shaped by the late Dick Brewer (1936-2022). 11’0 Pipeliner with gorgeous redwood fin. All original…(Read More)

Dale Velzy balsa 9’8 longboard (mid 1990s)  Featuring a 5 stringer shape design with beautiful redwood fin and tailblock. 9’8 square tail. A remarkable example of a vintage Dale Velzy balsa surfboard shaped by the legendary surfboard design pioneer. Ride or display this gorgeous balsa longboard. See more photos/info on this surfboard…(Read More)

Dick Brewer shaped Waimea Bay 9’6 surfboard (2015) Featuring gorgeous red tint with complimentary yellow Brewer plumeria flower logo. Thruster fin setup with redwood/balsa t-band stringer. Shaped in 2015 by the late Dick Brewer (1936-2022). 9’6 pintail. Ride or display this iconic Dick Brewer big wave surfboard, made to ride…(Read More)

Early redwood 3’0 bodyboard by Dave Sweet (1950s) Featuring handmade redwood shape design complete with hand rail inspired by the Hawaiian “slipper” aka flip-flop. 36” x 19” in. Shaped in the 1950s by the renowned surfboard design pioneer credited with inventing the foam surfboard, Dave Sweet (1928-2015). A historically significant piece of…(Read More)

Gerry Lopez camouflage 7’4 surfboard (1990s) Featuring the iconic camouflage airbrush pattern which adorned Gerry Lopez surfboards from the 1980s-90s. Shaped in the early-mid 1990s. 7’4 pintail, glass-on thruster fins. Ride or display this Gerry Lopez surfboard work of art! See more photos/info on this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Gerry Lopez Lightning Bolt 7’6 surfboard (mid 1970s) Featuring a gorgeous yellow tint with contrasting black lightning bolt. Wrapped rails/bottom with pinstriped outline and ruby red single fin. Shaped in the mid 1970s. 7’6 diamond tail. All original condition. Owned by an old friend of Gerry Lopez who recalls playing paintball in…(Read More)

Greg Noll shaped Black Walnut 7’6 pintail surfboard Featuring a transitional era shape design of the late 1960s, made with gorgeous solid black walnut wood (one of the rarest and most valuable hardwood species in North America). Shaped by the late Greg Noll (1937-2021). 7’6 pintail. The one and only black walnut…(Read More)

Greg Noll Surf Center Hawaii Ben Aipa ’Aipa Ski’ 7’3 surfboard (1969) Featuring transitional era shape design, made during the era of surfboard history when boards were transitioning from longboards to shortboards. Blue and red pinstriping on the bottom with complimentary aqua blue box fin. Shaped in 1969 under the short lived Greg Noll…(Read More)

Hobie Hawaii model 7’10 pintail surfboard (1967) Featuring beautiful alabaster white tint with azure blue pinstriped outline. “The New Hobie Hawaii model” intricate and rare logo variation. Shaped in 1967. 7’10 pintail. Featured in the book “The Ultimate Guide to Vintage Surfboards & Collectibles”. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert with over 40…(Read More)

Inter-Island flip nose 9’6 surfboard by Dick Brewer (1960s replica)  Featuring rare flip nose shape design made in the late 1960s. Lime green tint with double pinstriped outline and glass-on fin. Shaped in the early 2000s by the late Dick Brewer (1936-2022). 9’6 pintail. Only one flip nose replica surfboard…(Read More)

Jamie O’Brien personal 6’7 Pipeline surfboard by Yoshinori Ueda (2000s) Featuring J.O.B signature pink airbrush fade design with black rails. Iconic barrel riding shape made specifically for Banzai Pipeline. Shaped by Yoshinori Ueda (Y.U) in the 2000s. 6’7 round pintail with glassed-on thruster fins. Signed “Jamie O’Brien…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt Gerry Lopez model 7’2 surfboard (1975) Featuring pinstriped outline with yellow wrapped rails/bottom complete with ruby red single fin. 7’6 swallow tail. Serial #107. All original condition. Ride or display this beautiful Gerry Lopez model surfboard shaped under the renowned Lightning Bolt Surfboards label. Read more about this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt 7’2 surfboard by Barry Kanaiaupuni (1970s) Featuring a large/wide lightning bolt jag variation prevalent on the earliest Lightning Bolt surfboards. Red bolt with matching wrapped rails and pinstriped outline. Shaped by Barry Kanaiaupuni in the early 1970s. 7’2 winged pintail. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert. See more photos…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt 6’8 surfboard by Tom Parrish (1970s) Featuring electric yellow tint with unique pinstriped double rail bolt outline. Striking red lightning bolt jag with black shadow. Shaped by Tom Parrish in the mid 1970s. 6’8 pintail. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert. Ride or display this vintage 1970s Lightning Bolt shaped…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt 7’4 surfboard shaped by Gerry Lopez (early 1970s) Featuring beautiful red tint with unique foam reveal yellow tinted lightning bolts. Black bolt outlines with matching glass-on single fin. Shaped by Gerry Lopez in the early 1970s. 7’4 diamond tail. Hand shaped by the legendary Gerry Lopez, signed “Lopez…”. Fully restored…(Read More)