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Buzzy Trent model 1964 Pipeliner 11’0 by Dick Brewer Surfboard model of revered pioneer of big wave surfing, Buzzy Trent (1929-2006). Signed #4/50 though only 10 were made before Buzzy Trent passed away in 2006. Shaped by the late Dick Brewer (1936-2022). 11’0 Pipeliner with gorgeous redwood fin. All original…(Read More)

Clyde Beatty Jr. personal Reynolds Yater shaped balsa surfboard (1994)  Featuring a stringerless balsawood shape design with wooden/carbon trimmed tri-fin setup. Shaped by Reynolds Yater in 1994. 9’9 pintail. Made by Yater for his friend Clyde Beatty Jr. a 1970s pro surfer/shaper and team rider for Hobie Surfboards. Photo in frame…(Read More)

Disney Tinker Bell 7’0 surfboard (2008) Featuring a double sided Tinker Bell airbrush design with matching Disney Store surfboard bag, leash, and 3 FCS fins. 7’0 squash tail. Designed by Surftech founder, Randy French. Only 1 Tinker Bell surfboard was made per Disney store. This rare and highly collectible Disney surfboard has never…(Read More)

Early wooden bodyboard by Dave Sweet (1950s) Featuring handmade redwood shape design complete with hand rail inspired by the Hawaiian “slipper” aka flip-flop. 36” x 19” in. Shaped in the 1950s by the renowned surfboard design pioneer credited with inventing the foam surfboard, Dave Sweet (1928-2015). A historically significant piece of surfing history…(Read More)

Endless Summer classic 9’0 longboard by Robert August (1990s) Featuring beautiful blue/yellow airbrushed stripes with pinstriped outline. Shaped by Robert August in the 1990s. Iconic Endless Summer film logo variation depicting Robert August standing with surfboard, signed by Robert August. 9’0 squash tail. All original condition. Ride or display this classic 90s…(Read More)

Gerry Lopez model Lightning Bolt 6’8 surfboard (mid 1970s) Featuring bright orange tint with yellow lightning bolt jag. 6’8 scooped/winged swallow tail. Serial #142. All original condition. Ride or display this stunning Lightning Bolt Gerry Lopez model surfboard. Read more about this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Gordon & Smith (G&S) 10’0 balsa surfboard by Mike Hynson (1997) Featuring a triple stringer design complete with iconic Hynson red fin. Hand shaped by Mike Hynson in 1997. 10’0 pintail. Shaped for surfboard and fin design pioneer, Juan Rodriguez. Mike Hynson was the star of cult classic surf film “The Endless Summer…(Read More)

Greg Noll & Jed Noll Stemwinder balsa 9’6 surfboard  Featuring a beautiful blue/purple marbled art design on deck with matching fin. Solid balsawood, 9’6 pintail. Shaped by the renowned big wave surfer and surfboard design pioneer, the late Greg Noll (1937-2021) and his son Jed Noll. One of the last surfboards Greg…(Read More)

Hap Jacobs custom floral 9’6 longboard (early 2000s) Featuring a floral band with turquoise stripes and intricate pinstriping composed of 10 separate pin-lines. T-band high density green foam stringer and 7-piece wooden tail block. 9’6 length. Shaped by the late Hap Jacobs (1930-2021), renowned innovator of modern surfboard design…(Read More)

Hobie custom 10’2 longboard by Terry Martin (early 2000s)  Featuring a gorgeous blue tint with triple stringer design. Shaped by the late Terry Martin (1937-2012). This incredible Hobie longboard has never been ridden. Ride or display this remarkable surfboard art piece! See more photos/info on this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Hobie Gary Propper signature model 8’4 longboard (1967) Featuring a unique diamond tail vee bottom shape design, 8’4. Beautiful orange tinted bottom with wrapped rails. Gary Propper’s signature model became the best selling surfboard model globally, accounting for +50% of the 6,000 surfboards Hobie produced in 1967. Partially restored condition. See…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt Gerry Lopez model 7’2 surfboard (1974) Featuring beautiful yellow tinted rails/bottom with striking black lightning bolt. Red pinstriped outline with original single fin. Gerry Lopez model Lightning Bolt shaped by Mickey Muñoz in 1974. 7’2 diamond tail. Early wide lightning bolt jag variation indicating early 1970s production. All original…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt Gerry Lopez model 7’2 surfboard (1975) Featuring pinstriped outline with yellow wrapped rails/bottom complete with ruby red single fin. 7’6 swallow tail. Serial #107. All original condition. Ride or display this beautiful Gerry Lopez model surfboard shaped under the renowned Lightning Bolt Surfboards label. Read more about this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt 8’6 pintail surfboard by Barry Kanaiaupuni (early 1970s) Featuring a gorgeous blue lightning bolt jag with matching wrapped rails/bottom and ruby red single fin. 8’6, pintail. Shaped by Barry Kanaiaupuni in the early 1970s. Well preserved all original condition. Barry Kanaiaupuni was ranked #9 on the 1976 world tour. Kanaiaupuni…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt 8’2 surfboard by Barry Kanaiaupuni (early 1970s) Featuring a complex blue lightning bolt jag variation with matching tri-color glassed on single fin. Shaped by Barry Kanaiaupuni in the early 1970s. 8’2, rounded pintail. Remarkable all original condition. Read more about this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt “Big Wednesday” 7’10 surfboard by Gerry Lopez (2017) A tribute to the 1978 film “Big Wednesday” which Gerry Lopez featured in. Gorgeous red tint with orange wrapped rails/bottom. Hand shaped by Gerry “Mr. Pipeline” Lopez—revered surfer, shaper, journalist, film actor, and co-founder of Lightning Bolt surfboards. 7’10 pintail…(Read More)