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Blue Hawaii 5’9 surfboard by Glenn Minami (1984) Featuring a vibrant 1980s airbrush design with pinstriped outline. Shaped by Glenn Minami in 1984. 5’9 squash tail, 2+1 fin setup. Fully restored by a restoration expert with over 40 years of experience. Ride or display this classic 80s Blue Hawaii surfboard! Read more…(Read More)

Early “Kookbox” hollow wood 10’ surfboard (mid 1930s) Featuring wooden panels joined by metallic fasteners and cork water plug. Patented skeletal interior construction, inspired by airplane wing designs. This breakthrough method of surfboard building was invented by the renowned Tom Blake, in the early 1930s. The design provided drastic weight reduction and culminated a newfound…(Read More)

Greg Noll Semi Gun model 9’5 surfboard (mid 1960s) Featuring gorgeous jet black panels with matching single fin and redwood stringer. Shaped in the mid 1960s, 9’5 length. Fully restored by Ed Searfoss, owner of Country Surfboards. Ride or display this incredible vintage 1960s Greg Noll big wave surfboard. See more photos/info…(Read More)

Hawaiian Island Creations (HIC) surfboard by Cino Magallanes (mid 1980s) Featuring an incredible geometric airbrush design indicative of the 80s. Shaped by the late Cino Magallanes (1946-2020) in the mid 1980s. 6’0 squash tail, 2+1 fin setup. All original condition. Ride or display this awesome surfboard work of art! Read more about…(Read More)

Joel Tudor personal 6’2 surfboard by Stu Kenson (1990s) Featuring hand painted logo by Joel Tudor with confetti design on bottom. Shaped by Stu Kenson in the mid-late 1990s. 6’2 squash tail thruster. Joel Tudor is a 3X WSL Longboard World Champion (1998, 2004, 2021) and the oldest surfer to ever win…(Read More)

Larry Bertlemann 6’6 single fin surfboard (1978) Featuring a red swirl/white foam color scheme with pinstriped border. Hand signed by Larry Bertlemann. Shaped in 1978. 6’6 swallow tail. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert. Bertlemann is a revered Hawaiian surfer and pioneer of aerial surfing. Dubbed the “Rubberman” for his innovative…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt 6’6 surfboard shaped by Tom Parrish (1970s) Featuring bright yellow tint with unique arrowhead double lightning bolt design. Pinstriped outline with red glassed on single fin. Shaped in the mid-1970s by Tom Parrish. All original condition. 6’6 winged round pintail. Recent auction results for Lightning Bolts shaped by Tom Parrish…(Read More)

Local Motion 6’8 surfboard by Pat Rawson (1980s) Featuring rare Local Motion native Hawaiian petroglyph laminate advertising their beachwear division. Shaped by Pat Rawson in the 1980s. 6’8 round tail thruster. All original condition. Ride or display this super clean 80s vintage Local Motion surfboard! Read more about this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Local Motion 6’1 surfboard by Steve Wilson (1980s) Featuring an incredible geometric neon airbrush fade design. Shaped by Steve Wilson in the 1980s. 6’1 double winged swallow tail thruster. Fully restored by a restoration expert with over 40 years of experience. Ride or display this vibrant 1980s Local Motion surfboard. Read more about…(Read More)

Steve Lis “Flaming” 5’11 Fish surfboard (2005) Featuring the iconic fish shape design Steve Lis envisioned and brought to life in the 1960s. Vibrant green flames with glass-on twin fins. Signature hand drawn yin & yang symbols by Lis on the deck and bottom. Shaped by Steve Lis in 2005, 5’11. Proudly ride…(Read More)

Town and Country (T&C) 5’10 surfboard by Nev Hyman (1983) Featuring an amazingly vibrant 80s airbrush fade design. Shaped by Nev Hyman in 1983. 5’10 squash tail, 2+1 fin setup with channel bottom—accentuated by airbrushed orange stripes. Fully restored by a restoration expert with over 40 years of experience. Nev…(Read More)