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Bing Dick Brewer 10’0 Pipeliner surfboard (1960’s replica) Featuring a pintail shape with 7 stringer design including dual blue high density foam stringers and matching glassed on single fin. Designed by the renowned surfboard building pioneer, Dick Brewer (1936-2022). Known as the “Shaping Guru” Dick Brewer was inducted to the International Surfboard…(Read More)

Bing Surfboards 9’10 competition longboard (mid 1960’s) Featuring gorgeous dark green panels with an intricate pinstripe design. Competition band with T-band stringer and wooden tail block. Shaped in the mid 1960’s. All original condition. Read more about this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Greg Noll Miki Dora Da Cat 9’10 longboard (1966) A highly coveted 1st generation Da Cat as evidenced by the pronounced step-deck and glassed on signature Da Cat fin. Featuring the most desired “black cat” color scheme. Partially restored to it’s original black color with beautiful glossy shine (board retains it’s…(Read More)

Hollow wooden “Kookbox” 10’ redwood surfboard (late 1930’s) Featuring gorgeous redwood panels joined by copper nails. Patented interior ribbed construction, inspired by the wing of an airplane. This very design was patented by the legendary Tom Blake in the early 1930’s. It provided a significant weight reduction and ushered in a new wave…(Read More)

“Kookbox” hollow wood 10’ surfboard (mid 1930’s) Featuring wooden panels joined by metallic fasteners and cork water plug. Patented skeletal interior construction, inspired by airplane wing designs. This breakthrough method of surfboard building was invented by the renowned Tom Blake, in the early 1930’s. The design provided drastic weight reduction and culminated a…(Read More)