Bob Simmons balsawood surfboard shaped by Dan Highland (1950 replica)


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Bob Simmons 10’ solid balsawood longboard (1950 replica) made in the 1990’s. Shaped by former Yater Surfboards shaper, Dan Highland. Featuring a very early balsa longboard shape design complete with an early redwood fin. This Simmons replica longboard was made using the original 1950 Simmons longboard specifications taken from the original surfboard on display at the California Surf Museum. “If anybody was ever to be credited with being the “Father of the Modern Surfboard”, I would say it would have to be Simmons. He changed board design in a shorter period of time than anybody has before or since.” -Rennie Yater, famed Santa Barbara surfer and shaper of Yater Surfboards. Photos attached of the replica Simmons surfboard featured in a Japanese surfboard collectors hardcover book. All original condition.

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