Gerry Lopez shaped Lightning Bolt surfboard (1972)


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Early Lightning Bolt surfboard shaped by Gerry Lopez in 1972. Banana yellow tint with beautiful sky blue Lightning Bolt and matching blue/yellow single fin. Rare Ala Moana model, 7’2 diamond tail. Signed “LOPEZ”. Featuring extra large/wide Lightning Bolt on the deck, a telltale indication of just how early this surfboard was made in Lightning Bolt history (established in 1971). Made several years before leg leashes were invented as shown by the vintage leash loop on the tail (this surface level addition can easily be removed at buyers request). This incredible example of one of the earliest Gerry Lopez shaped Lightning Bolts remains in original condition. A fully restored 1978 Gerry Lopez Lightning Bolt surfboard sold for $20,000 +15% buyers fee (final price of $23,000) at a 2019 auction. Purists would much prefer an original unrestored example such as this fine specimen. Complete with personal hand written postcard signed twice by Gerry Lopez confirming “It’s definitely one of mine”. Proudly ride or display this holy grail surfboard to the envy of all. An incredibly rare opportunity to own one of the earliest Gerry Lopez shaped Lightning Bolts known to exist!

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History of Gerry Lopez & Lightning Bolt Surfboards

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