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No upfront fees to list vintage/collectible surfboards on

Email full-length surfboard images of the deck and bottom of surfboard(s) and close up images of logos/shaper signature/serial #s (if any) to:

Surfboard Hoard LLC has been in the business of brokering vintage/collectible surfboards since 2014. We’ve sold and shipped hundreds of surfboards to/from customers in Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa, and the Americas. is a top ranked website on Google and other search engines for numerous keywords relating to vintage/collectible surfboards. Our email subscribers are notified when new listings are posted to the website combined with +20,000 social media followers on Instagram and Facebook. We’ve also been extensively featured by the Financial Times which boasts readership of +20 million people monthly. Listings on our website receive vast exposure in a short period of time.

Once your surfboard sells at an agreed upon price we deduct a 25% commission for our services which includes global marketing/logistics/packaging/insurance. Surfboard Hoard has set various world record sale prices for vintage/collectible surfboards to our diverse clientele over the years. Our customer base includes notable fashion designers, movie production companies, automobile manufacturers, hotel chains, and discerning collectors worldwide. 

We’re able to facilitate professional packaging and shipment of surfboards to/from anywhere in the world. Depending on your location, we may be able to dispatch a representative to pick up your surfboard once it sells. If you are outside of our immediate service areas you would just need to drop off the surfboard to be professionally packaged at a pre-arranged surf shop or packaging store nearby.


Notes on photos required:

1) High quality, high megapixel camera images are ideal (a late model smart phone with a high-quality camera would suffice). If you have several high value boards located in Southern California, New York City and surrounding area, or on the island of Oahu we may be able to dispatch one of our representatives to photograph your surfboards, free of charge.

2) Please model your photos based on the current listings viewable on

First, you’ll need to scrape off any wax there might be on the board and clean thoroughly (mineral spirits removes wax residue well). Taking photos in outside lighting in the early morning before the sun rises too high in the sky tends to work best for lighting (direct sunlight can leave a glare on the board, depending on the color/gloss level of the board). 

Angle 1: Photos of the deck and bottom of the surfboard with the board standing straight up (vertical). Lean surfboard against a wall, fence, garage door, etc. works well. Make sure there are no objects in the background or foreground. Please note, we need the entire outline of the board in the frame (for example: if part of the boards tail is in the grass hiding the outline of the board, place a piece of wood or similar hard object under the tail so that the outline of tail is visible–we will have the object placed under the tail removed in photoshop).

Angle 2: Close up photos of the fin(s)/tail of the board with board horizontal (best to have a second person hold the board up while you take these photos). Be sure to capture the tail of the board along with the fins in the same photo (in other words don’t just photograph the fins themselves close up). Please review a few our current surfboard listings if you are unsure how to shoot this angle.

Angle 3: Close up photos of all logos/decals/laminates on the board in addition to any signatures/numbers on the board (sometimes on the thin wood stringer that runs the length of the surfboard or often written directly on the foam/wood).

Angle 4: Close up photos of any dings/chips/cracks, and/or repairs. 

Final note: Please reference our current surfboard listings when taking photos so that we won’t need to request photos to be re-taken. If you have several surfboards to list, first send us images of just one of the boards using the above guidelines. We’ll make suggestions for future photographs if necessary. Email:

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