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Lightning Bolt 7’2 surfboard by Barry Kanaiaupuni (1970s) Featuring a large/wide lightning bolt jag variation prevalent on the earliest Lightning Bolt surfboards. Red bolt with matching wrapped rails and pinstriped outline. Shaped by Barry Kanaiaupuni in the early 1970s. 7’2 winged pintail. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert. See more photos…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt 6’8 surfboard by Tom Parrish (1970s) Featuring electric yellow tint with unique pinstriped double rail bolt outline. Striking red lightning bolt jag with black shadow. Shaped by Tom Parrish in the mid 1970s. 6’8 pintail. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert. Ride or display this vintage 1970s Lightning Bolt shaped…(Read More)

Lightning Bolt 7’4 surfboard shaped by Gerry Lopez (early 1970s) Featuring beautiful red tint with unique foam reveal yellow tinted lightning bolts. Black bolt outlines with matching glass-on single fin. Shaped by Gerry Lopez in the early 1970s. 7’4 diamond tail. Hand shaped by the legendary Gerry Lopez, signed “Lopez…”. Fully restored…(Read More)

McLeod La Jolla Windansea 8’6 artwork surfboard (early 1970s) Featuring a full length original work of art on the deck. Red wrapped rails/bottom and pinstriped outline. Shaped by Ron McLeod in the early 1970s. 8‘2 swallow tail. Image of Ron McLeod surfing La Jolla in 1972, photo by Jon Foster. Ride or…(Read More)

Mike Diffenderfer shaped Strong Current 10’0 longboard (1995) Featuring gorgeous tropical floral airbrushed work of art on the deck. Shaped in 1995 by the late Mike Diffenderfer (1937-2002). Signed by Diffenderfer on the redwood stringer. 10’0 square tail. A unique example of a 1990s Mike Diffenderfer longboard made for the famous Hawaiian…(Read More)

Mike Hynson Special Edition 7’10 downrailer surfboard #8/12 Featuring the original shape design Hynson brought to life in the late 1960s, revolutionizing the longboard to shortboard transition era of surfing history. 7’10 pintail. One of only 12 airbrushed limited edition surfboards made by Mike Hynson as a homage to his revolutionary 1960s…(Read More)

Owl Chapman Underground Hawaii 7’8 surfboard (1970s replica) Featuring beautiful amaranth red tint, lavender purple stain, and matching glassed on single fin. Double pinstriped outline with iconic 1970s cosmic Owl Chapman Underground Hawaii logo. Shaped by Owl Chapman in the early 2000s. 7’8 pintail. Ride or display this collectible Owl Chapman pintail surfboard…(Read More)

Quiksilver Boardriders Club 8’0 surfboard by Peter Schroff (1994) Featuring beautiful red pigment with jet-black glassed on fin. Shaped by Peter Schroff in 1994. 8’0 pintail. Signed ‘SUPERLOVE 1994’ by Peter Schroff. This board was ordered by Quiksilver to market their Quiksilver Boardriders Club clothing line in the 1990s-2000s. Ride or…(Read More)

Skip Frye shaped 7’10 pintail surfboard (1975) Skip Frye shaped surfboard made in 1975. Featuring gorgeous sky blue deck with royal blue wrapped rails/bottom and pinstriped outline. Complimentary wooden single fin with unique translucent blue window. 7’10 pintail. Fully restored by master restoration specialist, Randy Rarick. Ride or display this incredibly sought…(Read More)

Surfboards Hawaii custom 9’8 longboard by Mike Diffenderfer (1995)  Featuring a 6 stringer design with beautiful noseblock and intricate 5-piece tailblock. Gorgeous mango wood fin with unique blue halo. Shaped by the late Mike Diffenderfer (1937-2002) in 1995/96. 9’8 squash tail. All original condition. Beautifully glassed by the renowned Jack…(Read More)

Surfboards Hawaii 7’3 single fin by Ben Aipa (early 1970s) Featuring beautiful sky blue tinted deck with contrasting azure blue wrapped rails/bottom. Multi-pinstriped outline with gorgeous translucent blue fin. Shaped in the early 1970s by the late Ben Aipa (1942-2021). 7’3 round tail. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert…(Read More)

Surfline Hawaii 7’2 surfboard by Sparky Scheufele (late 1970s) Featuring banana yellow tint with vermillion bottom, pinstriped outline, and glassed on single fin. Shaped by Sparky Scheufele in the late 1970s. 7’2 pintail. Ride or display this beautiful 1970s Surfline Hawaii surfboard. See more photos/info on this surfboard HERE…(Read More)