Phillip “Flippy” Hoffman personal wooden surfboard (mid-late 1930’s)


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Phillip “Flippy” Hoffman personal 11’10 wooden surfboard shaped in San Diego, California in the mid-late 1930’s. Featuring redwood rails/plywood deck and a rolled bottom with “V” tail. A remarkable example of a 1930’s hollow ribbed construction surfboard owned by one of the early surfing pioneers. The late Phillip “Flippy” Hoffman’s incredible stockpile of outrageous ocean exploits began back in the 1940’s, he surfed, rode jet-skis and dove, had the bends 7 times. One of his tales was en-doing an amphibious duck off the east end of San Clemente Island into huge 50′ winter surf, and he pulled it off. Flippy seemed to have no regard to personal safety. He was a true surfing pioneer and one of the first people to ride the huge waves at Ka’ena Point, O’ahu Hawaii in 1975. Phillip “Flippy” Hoffman (1930-2010) was buried in his wetsuit.

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