Aipa Wave Crest Hawaii ‘Sting’ surfboard (mid 1970s)




Aipa Wave Crest Hawaii 7’2 ‘Sting’ surfboard (mid 1970s)
Featuring blue airbrush faded flames with black outline and complimentary blue fin. Shaped in the mid 1970s, 7’2 swallow tail. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert with over 40 years experience. Showcasing Ben Aipa’s renowned ‘Sting’ surfboard shape design which represents the first winged surfboard ever created. It’s unmistakable outline ushered in one of the most revolutionary moments in surfing history. The positioning of the wing allows for an early release which enables sharper turns on the face of the wave. The influence of the Sting can be seen in all winged surfboards to date. Ride or display this remarkable 1970s Aipa Wave Crest Hawaii surfboard. 
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