Larry Bertlemann single fin surfboard (1978)




Larry Bertlemann 6’6 single fin surfboard (1978)
Featuring a red swirl/white foam color scheme with pinstriped border. Hand signed by Larry Bertlemann. Shaped in 1978. 6’6 swallow tail. Fully restored by a surfboard restoration expert. Bertlemann is a revered Hawaiian surfer and pioneer of aerial surfing. Dubbed the “Rubberman” for his innovative maneuverability on the wave. His surfing ability and signature moves were way ahead of their time. He showed everyone how radical surfing would eventually become. “He didn’t invent the shortboard; he just showed us how to ride it”. No one had a greater influence on the way people surf than the legendary Larry Bertlemann. Ride or display this highly coveted 1970s Larry Bertlemann surfboard.
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