Matt “Archy” Archbold personal T&C surfboard by T. Patterson (1987)




Matt “Archy” Archbold personal T&C 6’2 surfboard by T. Patterson (1987)
Featuring original airbrushed artwork by Izzy Paskowitz depicting a Pawnee Native American. Experimental nose wing shape with channel bottom. Shaped by T. Patterson in 1987. 6’2 thruster. The golden age for T&C Surfboards was the 1980s when team riders Christian Fletcher and Matt Archbold aka the “Air Brigade” were taking surfing to new heights with their innovative aerial approach to surfing. Archy was one of the most successful free surfers of the 1980s-90s as well as a revered style master and aerial surfing pioneer. Ride or display this one-of-a-kind and historical Archy personal surfboard.
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