Town and Country (T&C) surfboard by Ben Aipa (1987)




Town and Country (T&C) 8’3 surfboard by Ben Aipa (1987)
Featuring pinstriped panels with classic airbrush fade design. Shaped by the late Ben Aipa (1942-2021) in 1987. 8’3, squash tail thruster. An incredible example of an 80s longboard shaped by the legendary Ben Aipa, surfboard design pioneer credited with inventing the first ever winged surfboard, known as ”Da Sting”. The revered Town and Country (T&C) Surfboards label sponsored countless surfing stars of the 1980s including Martin Potter, Larry Bertlemann,‭ ‬Dane Kealoha,‭ ‬Johnny Boy Gomes, Christian Fletcher, and Ben Aipa himself! Ride or display this beautiful piece of surfing history.
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