Velzy Jacobs balsawood longboard by Hap Jacobs (1958)




Velzy Jacobs balsawood longboard by Hap Jacobs (1958)
Classic balsawood pig shape design with original early redwood fin. 9’3 rounded tail. Custom shaped in 1958 by Hap Jacobs for the original owner, Tim Melrose who’s owned the board for 65 years. Melrose recalls being taught to surf in Santa Monica by none other than the legendary big wave surfing pioneer, Buzzy Trent. Featuring the “Surfboards by Velzy and Jacobs” logo used for a short period in the 1950’s. The late Dale Velzy (1927-2005) and Hap Jacobs (1930-2021) merged operations in Venice beach, California during the 50’s to produce balsa surfboards before parting ways and establishing their own labels. Use as a functional vintage balsa surfboard or decorative surfboard art piece!
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