*RARE* Gordie’s last longboard design, 1 of final 8 Dream boards



SOLD, Request to be notified when similar board available| Location: California *Worldwide Shipping Available*

Very Rare Gordie longboard. The very last board ever designed by Gordon Duane, “Gordie”. As Gordie was near death, his longtime lead shaper of many years, Randy Lewis came up with a project whereby Gordie would design a series of “dream” boards, (eight in all) and Randy would bring them to life under Gordie’s supervision. This was a way of an old friend helping a very old friend and mentor. 

This is one of the most beautiful and exotic surfboards you will ever see with inlaid curved stringers and sky-blue pigmented deck and rails. Featured also, is an exaggerated tail and nose block made from combined woods and the wonderful Gordie “Travel in Style” logo depicting a soul surfer in the graphic. Gordie was known for his unique fins and this is no exception being a black glass hatchet fin with clear beading.  After completion, this masterpiece was personally singed by Gordie. It is in flawless condition (any imperfections in the photos are a result of reflection only). 

Gordan Duane, “Gordie” was a close friend of Dale Velzy (Hawk) and both were considered pioneers of surfboard building. Gordie is known as the guy with the first surf shop, located in one of the stalls under the Hunting Beach pier in the early 50’s.  Gordy has since passed away but remains forever with his star embedded in the Huntington Beach Surfers Walk of Fame.

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