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Bing custom 8’2 mini-gun surfboard (1968) Featuring a psychedelic light blue “Mexican Blanket” bottom and lap with stunning W.A.V.E. set fin. Shaped by either Dan Bendiksen or Mike Eaton in 1968, serial #10487. 8’2 pintail. Restored by the renowned surfboard restoration expert, Randy Rarick. Ride or display this remarkable…(Read More)

BK Hawaii Waimea Bay 10’8 surfboard by Barry Kanaiaupuni (1991) Featuring beautiful magenta tint with vibrant yellow single fin. Shaped by Barry Kanaiaupuni in 1991. 10’8 pintail. A remarkable example of an unridden Waimea Bay big wave surfboard shaped by the revered Barry Kanaiaupuni. Ride or display this magnificent surfboard work of art…(Read More)

Dick Brewer shaped balsawood 9’9 surfboard (early 2000s) Featuring triple stringer shape design with clear reveal Brewer plumeria logo. Gorgeous curly koa wood fins and 10-piece wooden nose block. Glassed by the renowned master glasser, Jack Reeves. Shaped in the early 2000s by the late Dick Brewer (1936-2022). 9’9 pintail. Ride…(Read More)

Dick Brewer Waimea Bay 12’0 surfboard by Owl Chapman (late 1970s) Featuring iconic Waimea Bay big wave shape design. Beautiful vintage foam patina with t-band stringer and jet-black single fin. Shaped by Owl Chapman in the late 1970s. 12’0 pintail. Signed ‘Owl Chapman FLASH “12”. Ride or display this incredible vintage…(Read More)

Hansen classic 10’0 longboard (early 1960s) Featuring turqoise and red color scheme with intricate pinstriping. Remarkable 21-piece wood fin with glass bead halo. Shaped in the early-mid 1960s. 10’0 wide square tail. Ride or display this classic 1960s surfboard shaped under the revered Hansen Surfboards label. See more photos/info of…(Read More)

Hap Jacobs custom floral 9’6 longboard (early 2000s) Featuring floral Hap Jacobs band with turquoise stripes and intricate pinstriping composed of 10 separate pin-lines. T-band high density green foam stringer and 7-piece wooden tail block. Shaped in the early 2000s by the late Hap Jacobs (1930-2021). 9’6 square tail…(Read More)

Lahaina Dick Brewer shaped 7’4 surfboard (1968 replica) Featuring rare Lahaina Brewer plumeria flower logo, used briefly in 1968 when Brewer’s shop was in Lahaina, Maui. Beautiful yellow tinted deck with red tint wrapped rails/bottom. Wooden single fin with halo. Shaped by the late Dick Brewer (1936-2022). 7’4 pintail. One…(Read More)

Mike Diffenderfer shaped Waimea Bay 10’0 surfboard (1988) Featuring gorgeous red tint with multi-color Diffenderfer logo and glassed-on single fin. Shaped in 1988 by the late Mike Diffenderfer (1937-2002). 10’0 pintail. This board was ridden on giant waves at Waimea Bay, Hawaii. Ride or display this vintage big wave surfboard…(Read More)

Pat Curren 11’6 Elephant Gun 1960s model big wave surfboard Featuring classic late 1960s big wave shape design made with custom blown foam blank. Old-growth redwood fin and stringer with heavy duty Volan fiberglass. Shaped by the late Pat Curren (1932-2023) in 2009. 11’6 pintail. Curren was a big wave surfing…(Read More)

Riley Hawaiian balsawood 9’0 gun #1 by Mark Riley (2023) Features a pintail shape design with 7 Australian red cedar stringers and matching cedar/balsa combination nose and tail blocks. Stunning hand-foiled cedar and balsa laminated fin with intricate design. Shaped by Mark Riley in 2023. This board is serial #1 indicating it…(Read More)