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Gordie Mark V model 9’9 longboard (1965) Designed for speed and long carved turns—the Mark V was known by it’s dynamic lines, subtle curves, and rocker. 9’9 pintail. Beautiful ruby red glassed-on speed fin. Ride or display this vintage Gordie longboard. See more photos/info on this surfboard HERE…(Read More)

Pat Curren 11’6 Elephant Gun 1960s model big wave surfboard Featuring classic late 1960s big wave shape design made with custom blown foam blank. Old-growth redwood fin and stringer with heavy duty Volan fiberglass. Shaped by the late Pat Curren (1932-2023) in 2009. 11’6 pintail. Curren was a big wave surfing…(Read More)

Riley Hawaiian balsawood 9’0 gun #1 by Mark Riley (2023) Features a pintail shape design with 7 Australian red cedar stringers and matching cedar/balsa combination nose and tail blocks. Stunning hand-foiled cedar and balsa laminated fin with intricate design. Shaped by Mark Riley in 2023. This board is serial #1 indicating it…(Read More)

Tom Blake Catalina Equipment Co. ‘Kookbox’ 11’8 surfboard (1930s) Designed like the wing of an airplane, Tom Blake’s revolutionary hollow wood construction method allowed for drastic weight reduction of surfboards. This new breakthrough ushered in a newfound interest to the sport of surfing. Prior to this design, surfboards would often weigh over 100…(Read More)