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(SOLD) Bruce Irons personal 6’10 surfboard by JS Industries (2000s) Featuring Iron’s signature star design with halo airbrush fade. Shaped by JS Industries in the early 2000s. 6’10 pintail. Bruce Irons is known for his incredible aerial maneuvers and fearless barrel riding skills. 2001 Pipe Masters champion, 2004 Eddie Aikau champion, and…(Read More)

(SOLD) Greg Noll Miki Dora Da Cat limited edition 9’4 longboard (1990s) Featuring sleek black rails with red pinstriped outline. Classic Da Cat step-deck with jetblack single fin. Shaped in 1992, serial #150/250. 9’4 wide square tail. Hand signed by the late Miki Dora (1934-2002) and the late Greg Noll…(Read More)

(SOLD) Lightning Bolt 6’9 surfboard by Barry Kanaiaupuni (1970s) Featuring beautiful blue color scheme with matching lightning bolts and complimentary black shadows. Finished with intricate rail bolts morphing into pinstriped outline of the board. A remarkable surfboard work of art shaped in the mid 1970s. Signed “Barry Kanaiaupuni Hawaii”. 6’9 winged round pintail…(Read More)

(SOLD) Local Motion 5’10 surfboard by Robin Prodanovich (mid 1980s) Featuring a channel bottom shape design with 2+1 fin setup. Shaped by Robin Prodanovich in the mid 1980s. 5’10 squash tail. Ride or display this retro 1980s shortboard shaped under the famous Local Motion Hawaii surfboards label. See more photos/info on…(Read More)