Bloomingdale JB100 motorized Jetboard surfboard (1960s)



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Bloomingdale JB100 motorized 10’10 Jetboard surfboard (1960s)
The JB100 Jetboard was originally conceived by Alfred Bloomingdale, heir to the Bloomingdale Department Store fortune. Alfred loved to surf but didn’t care for all the paddling involved. The Jetboard was his solution. The prototype was made of wood but it didn’t hold up well. The final version seen here is made of aircraft grade aluminum and is constructed like the wing of an airplane. Only produced between 1965-1968. It’s extremely difficult to find a JB100 Jetboard for sale in good condition. Only 600-700 were ever made and most have ended up in private collections or surfing museums. The board houses a lightweight flat Tecumseh 6.25 hp custom made engine with jet-ski like jet. The speed is controlled with a dial on the deck. A magnetized leash connects to the board so when the surfer falls, the leash detaches, and the engine shuts off (leash not included). Measures: 10’10 x 26  x 5. Ride or display this rare 1960s Bloomingdale JB100 Jetboard.
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