Roger Erickson personal Brewer Team surfboard by Owl Chapman (1990s)




Roger Erickson personal Brewer Team 11’9 surfboard by Owl Chapman (1990s)
Featuring a big wave shape design made for Waimea Bay with Erickson’s signature double black stripes. Shaped by Owl Chapman in the late 1980s-early 1990s. 11’9 pintail. Glassed by the renowned Jack Reeves. “Owl Chapman Roger Erickson Brewer Team” written on the stringer. Roger Erickson is one of the greatest big wave surfers in history, known as the “Gladiator of Waimea” on account of his warrior physique and fearless pursuit of riding giants at Waimea Bay. Erickson is also a decorated Vietnam war hero having earned a Purple Heart, just days after arriving in Vietnam by saving a fellow marine who had stepped on a land mine. Ride or display this incredible piece of big wave surfing history.
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