Town and Country (T&C) surfboard by Steve Elliot (1988)




Town & Country (T&C) 7’0 surfboard shaped by Steve Elliot (1988)
Featuring vibrant yellow airbrushed deck with marbled red/black rails. 7’0 squash tail, glassed on thruster fin setup. Shaped by Steve Elliot in 1988. All original condition. A choice example of an 80’s shortboard shaped under the revered T&C Surfboards label. T&C sponsored countless surfing stars of the 1980’s including Larry Bertlemann,‭ ‬Dane Kealoha,‭ ‬Christian Fletcher,‭ ‬Sunny Garcia,‭ ‬Ben Aipa,‭ ‬Johnny Boy Gomes,‭ ‬Martin Potter and World Champion Sunny Garcia.
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