Tom Blake Catalina Equipment Co. ‘Kookbox’ surfboard (1930s)




Tom Blake Catalina Equipment Co. ‘Kookbox’ 11’8 surfboard (1930s)
Designed like the wing of an airplane, Tom Blake’s revolutionary hollow wood construction method allowed for drastic weight reduction of surfboards. This new breakthrough ushered in a newfound interest to the sport of surfing. Prior to this design, surfboards would often weigh over 100 lbs and were extremely cumbersome, limiting surfing’s appeal to the masses. An original redwood example of Tom Blake’s patented design was manufactured by the Catalina Equipment Co. in Los Angeles, California. From the early 1930s, Tom Blake’s designs were manufactured commercially by major builders such as the Catalina Equipment Company and the L.A. Ladder Company. Proudly display this 80+ year old relic of surfing history. Dimensions: 11’ 8” x 22” x 4”
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